How do I get the arcade bezels in Retropie 4.0?

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Re: How do I get the arcade bezels in Retropie 4.0?

Post by Rion » Wed Oct 26, 2016 12:18 pm

pjft wrote:Hah.

Thanks for the reply.

I was actually just trying it out, and surprisingly it seems that it's working as intended, which is unexpected. I was very much under the impression this LCD I'm using is 720p only, but I may be mistaken. fbset -s returns "1824x984", which is closer to 1080p, so maybe I stand corrected.

I had done a lot of pre-processing working under some assumptions:
- I had resized all png files to 720p;
- I had hacked together a bash script to change all viewport width, height, x and y to 2/3 of the original value (which I, conceptually, assumed would be the right changes to the files)

But apparently now I won't need them, at least for the time being.

Happy to share those files here, if it helps anyone, though they are untested.

I suspect maybe only the config files are needed, as I *expect* that the overlay image will always be resized to full screen, as (I hope) the dimensions are not an absolute number of pixels.


My very hacky job at a linux/mac bash file was the following:

while IFS='' read -r line || [[ -n "$line" ]]; do

if [[ $line == *"custom_viewport_width"* ]]
CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_WIDTH=$(echo "$line" | sed 's/custom_viewport_width = "\(.*\)"/\1/')
NEWLINE='custom_viewport_width = "'$((CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_WIDTH * 2/3))'"';

if [[ $line == *"custom_viewport_height"* ]]
CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_HEIGHT=$(echo "$line" | sed 's/custom_viewport_height = "\(.*\)"/\1/')
NEWLINE='custom_viewport_height = "'$((CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_HEIGHT * 2/3))'"';

if [[ $line == *"custom_viewport_x"* ]]
CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_X=$(echo "$line" | sed 's/custom_viewport_x = "\(.*\)"/\1/')
NEWLINE='custom_viewport_x = "'$((CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_X * 2/3))'"';

if [[ $line == *"custom_viewport_y"* ]]
CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_Y=$(echo "$line" | sed 's/custom_viewport_y = "\(.*\)"/\1/')
NEWLINE='custom_viewport_y = "'$((CUSTOM_VIEWPORT_Y * 2/3))'"'

if [[ $NEWLINE == "" ]]
done < "$1"


It will output a new <romname> file.

The only ones it won't work is for the invaders ones (there are 3) just because there are some commented lines there which will break the regexp. It was easier, in my case, just to fix those 3 source files by removing the commented lines - as I said, it was a lazy hack. :)

I then had a separate batch to run it for all files in the folder and rename it to the right <romname>.cfg format in a separate folder.

Hope this helps, and let me know if it'd be worth it for me to upload the 720p hypothetical versions somewhere.

Also, I'm curious: why aspect ratio index 22 instead of 21 (core provided)?


Hi would you care to join the discussion here on how to make your script work. ... etropie/71

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Re: How do I get the arcade bezels in Retropie 4.0?

Post by pjft » Wed Oct 26, 2016 1:02 pm

Sure, happy to. Thanks for the heads up.

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